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Running a business, specially a startup, is not a walk in the park. Sometimes, in your effort to trim down expenses, you do things single-handedly like generating leads and reaching out to your clientele via phone, email, chat, or social media.

Some tasks could be painstakingly time-demanding, which is eventually counter-productive to your business. If there are tons of workload you’re currently taking on your shoulders but would actually be better delegated to a Virtual Assistant, talk to us.

We will listen to your pains, and help you with solutions.

Your own VA will help you get the job done in these areas and more:

 Administrative assistance (travel bookings, calendar management, email management, etc.)
 Graphic design (logo, brochure, poster, e-book cover, album cover, social media images, etc.)
 Data mining
 Online research
 Lead generation
 Audio production
 Writing (web content, articles, blog posts, e-book)
 Social media management
 Project management
 Data Entry
 Audio transcription
 Chat support

Rates start at $4 an hour.


Overwhelmed with workload? Delegate your tasks to a VA and get your life back. VA Philippines is your reliable source of highly-skilled Filipino Virtual Assistants who are graphic designers, writers, social media managers, and more.

Let’s talk.

VA Philippines, Virtual Assistants
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