The Harshest Things You’ll Ever Learn About Love

I’m a sucker for romance. I love happy endings and stories that give me butterflies in my stomach. I like reading books that transcend me into a different dimension such as romantic comedy and fantasy. These kinds of books were my addiction of choice during my high school days and early on in College. Mills and Boon and other thicker romantic paperback novels were my bedtime companions, and probably the culprits why my eyesight got screwed to negative 200.

Fast forward, I’m now more into non-fiction books. The ones that appeal to me now are more about self-help, leadership, and business books…but I’m still a sucker for romance.  I like the spot-on love quotes by Bob Ong, and the witty and funny lines by Sen. Miriam Santiago in her book “Stupid is Forever” like “Ang crush parang math problem, kung hindi mo makuha, titigan mo na lang” and “Miss, kutsara ka ba? Kasi papalapit ka pa lang, napanganga na ako.”

Bob Ong


Bob Ong

Recently my attention is on a freshly-published book authored by my friend from High School, Christopher Ryan Maboloc. His book, “The Harshest Things You’ll Ever Learn About Love” is a plethora of original love quotes, essays, short stories, poems, and letters.

Ryan, a Philosophy educator at Ateneo de Davao University and regular contributor/commentator at the Philippine Daily Inquirer, is a talented writer who loves posting catchy love lines on social media. I noticed that he has hundreds of readers responding very well to his posts so one time I sent him a message that perhaps he should consider compiling all his popular posts and make them into a book. And the rest is history.

I had the cover designed by my niece Angel, under the supervision of my youngest brother Ray An who is also a skilled graphic designer, while Ryan completed his book’s contents.  After months of several revisions which I lost count of, Ryan finally decided the book was ready.

I managed to get the book on Amazon’s Kindle Direct Publishing and got it live on Amazon store last September 5. And with the help of Ryan’s friends in the local publishing industry, “The Harshest Things You’ll Ever Learn About Love” is also out now at Jade Bookstore in Davao City, close to Ateneo.

What could be the harshest things we’ll ever learn about love, if we ever learn at all? Check out the book’s Kindle version on Amazon or the paperback at Jade Bookstore.  Soon to be available on Amazon’s print-on-demand.


The Harshest Things You'll Ever Learn About Love

About the Book: “You don’t actually choose the right man. You choose love, and for this reason, the right man,” the author writes in this book which proposes falling in love as a universal therapy. Perhaps, it will require nothing short of magic to be able to bridge that huge divide between real life and fiction when it comes to love, a task that the author will try to accomplish in this book by carefully putting together a collection of short pieces, literary essays and letters, poems, and sharp aphorisms on love, life and philosophy.

About the Author: Christopher Ryan B. Maboloc has been teaching philosophy for almost twenty years. He has been to Germany, Italy, Belgium, Norway, Sweden, and Thailand as a young scholar. He finished his master’s degree in applied ethics in Scandinavia under a generous scholarship from the European Commission (Erasmus Mundus). He also contributes social and political commentaries to the Philippine Daily Inquirer.