Up to 95% off on Lazada’s Online Revolution Sale this November

Online shopaholics and penny-pinchers, heads up! Lazada, the biggest and most reliable e-commerce platform in the Philippines, is again all set for a humongous SALE that’s going to bring down price points by up to 95% this November 9-11. Not a typo — that’s up to 95% discount on participating brands.

“Lazada’s Online Revolution Sale is a yearly celebration in which we offer great deals and discounts of up to 95% off from our wide range of assortments! And making it even greater by our exclusive deals from our partner brands,” from Lazada’s released statement to its affiliates.

Now this is the kind of revolution I’d be eager to join. No hassle, no long queues at the counter, no traffic to beat, just a few clicks of the mouse and your items are delivered right at your doorstep.

Check out the image below to get to Lazada’s Online Revolution Sale’s landing page. Shop your heart out!




August Sight Saving Month

(George Optical Press Release)

With most Filipinos taking their eyes for granted and failing to see the importance of having routine eye checkups, until there is already a problem, possibly a critical one at that. Eye experts urge the public to have their eyes thoroughly checked regularly.

Every August our country celebrates “Sight Saving Month”. The objective is to promote better awareness for eye health and encourage Filipinos to have their eyes checked. It aims to strengthen public awareness of the importance of proper eye care and the prevention of avoidable blindness and eye diseases.


Avoidable blindness and visual impairment is a serious global health issue. It imposes a significant health, social, and economic burden on individuals and communities. With the aim of eliminating the main causes of avoidable blindness by the year 2020, the global initiative ‘VISION 2020: The Right to Sight’ was launched in 1999 by the World Health Organization in partnership with the International Agency for the Prevention of Blindness, which promoted the development of sustainable eye care programs based on the three core strategies of disease control, human resource development and infrastructure and technology, incorporating the principles of primary health care.

Globally, uncorrected refractive errors are the main cause of visual impairment, while cataract remains the leading cause of blindness. Furthermore, 65% of visually-impaired and 82% of blind people are over 50 years old.

George Optical1

The top three causes of visual impairment are uncorrected refractive errors, cataract, and glaucoma. On the other hand, the top three causes of blindness are cataract, glaucoma, and age-related macular degeneration.

In the Philippines, the current estimated number of persons who are bilaterally blind is 569,072, of which 62.1% is due to cataract, 10.3% due to uncorrected refractive errors, 8% due to glaucoma, and 4% due to retinopathies.

George Optical supports this celebration and promotion of public awareness by offering a free comprehensive eye examination and initial contact lens assessment for the entire month of August, discounts will also be given on selected frames on all its twenty five (25) branches nationwide.

George Optical 2

Patients can also give back by donating their old wearable eyeglasses, which in turn will be given to the less fortunate through the Dr. George Co, Sr. Foundation, in honor of George Optical’s founder.

Dr. George Co Sr.

Dr. George Co Sr.

For more than fifty years running, George Optical has a strong commitment to quality, and its success story is simply of a company with a heart and a simple vision: to make lives better through healthy vision.

Truly, George Optical with its Chief Optometrist and President, Dr. Geoffrey Co, together with a team of licensed Optometrists and in-house ophthalmologist ensure that the founder’s philosophy lives on today.

Dr. Geoffery Co

Dr. Geoffery Co

Dr. George Co Sr. and Wife

Dr. George Co Sr. and Wife

Around Pilipinas supports George Optical’s cause in donating wearable eyeglasses to the less fortunate. If you happen to have a pair of eyeglasses you no longer use, you can help save someone’s vision by donating it through Dr. George Co, Sr. Foundation.  One person’s trash is another person’s treasure.

This month of August, get huge discounts and a free comprehensive eye examination or an initial contact lens fitting at George Optical. Check out their facebook page for more information:  https://www.facebook.com/georgeoptical 

Phone Numbers: +632 834 8742 / 834 7663; 832 8679

Official Website: http://www.george-optical.com

Branches: http://www.george-optical.com/locations.html

Online Shopping in the Philippines

Online shopping is fast becoming popular in the Philippines.  Even without a credit card, one may purchase online using other payment channels like PayPal, Bayad Centers, banks (over the counter or ATM deposits), Western Union, and other options.

I myself is an online shopper. What, with the heavy traffic around Metro Manila, it’s more convenient to shop online especially if you’re looking for gift items that aren’t too common.  So instead of hopping from mall to mall which could practically eat up your entire day on the road, you can stay home and surf online for items that you need or want.

Of course there are items that you’d rather see and feel first instead of just look at the pictures, so you prefer to visit the actual stores. I do that for clothes, shoes, and bags.

What I buy online are mostly beauty products I trust and only from online shops that I trust.  Like a couple of weeks ago, I purchased Olay Regenerist from Lazada and last week I paid for dental services online at MetroDeal. Lazada and MetroDeal are two of my trusted online shops in the Philippines. I never had any problems nor have I been scammed by shopping from those sites.



Customized gift items

For gift items that are customized, I doubt if you can find them on Lazada but you can definitely find them on Heart Press.  They turn ordinary items into extraordinary as they personalize practical gift ideas like ceramic plates, mugs, specialty items, linen, keychains, even cellphone cases.

How it works:

1. On their website, you choose an item that you want to personalize.

2. Upload the image that you want to be printed on your chosen item and then press “Add to Bag.”

3. Proceed to checkout using your preferred payment. Heart Press accepts PayPal, debit and credit cards, and other money centers.

personalized clock

Glass square clock you can customize at Heartpress.ph

I believe they’re awesome for corporate giveaways, wedding souvenirs, or even as gifts to ourselves and the special people in our lives.

They also have a physical store in Cavite.

My favorite is their glass square personalized clock.

I’d like to have one on our wall with a nice picture of our family so that everytime I look at the time, I’d be reminded about just how lucky I am to be able to spend quality time with them by working (and shopping) from the comfort of our own home.  🙂




Around Pilipinas has migrated to www.aroundpilipinas.com

Hi Guys!

Finally, I’m able to use my domain www.aroundpilipinas.com.  Thanks to Michael of Coffeemags who facilitated the migration for me with excellent customer service.

It was from fellow blogger Mark Villar of Yolomoments that I first heard about Coffeemags. I took the liberty to google the company and I was glad to find out that it’s a Filipino hosting company based in Cebu. I sent them a message of inquiry and I got an immediate response.

It was their affordable rate of $1 a month that initially drew me to them but when I engaged their services, I found their customer service so admirable and rewarding.   Unlike other big hosting companies, you get personalized customer service at Coffeemags.

Being non-technical, I had little to no knowledge in terms of migration and hosting. I only know how to customize and update my site — install and update themes, widgets, plugins, the works. But the tedious  jobs involving hosting and migration, nah! Michael educated me on some technical aspects, which was awesome.

No, I don’t get anything from talking about Coffeemags but I feel that other bloggers like me deserve to know better options when it comes to hosting their blogs and websites.

Again, please know that I won’t be updating the old blog anymore (https://aroundpilipinas.wordpress.com).

Welcome to my new home!


Around Pilipinas to have its own domain

I just bought the domain aroundpilipinas.com to finally give this wordpress blog a sense of ownership.

Three months after I jump-started this blog as a diversion from work and everything else, I decided to keep it and give it a name without WordPress as its last name.

I’ll be using the domain soon so I thought I might as well give you a heads-up.

This is actually my 4th since I started blogging in 2009 but I’ve killed the other two a few years ago. Time and again, I miss writing. I guess some old habits really die hard.

Back from a self-imposed hiatus

Ok, this blog has taken the backseat for a quite a while. My work schedule has been crazy, but finally I’ve found a bit of a break this week.

In my next posts, I will blog about using PayPal which a lot of Filipino bloggers and independent virtual assistants are using as a payment channel. From personal experience, I had to scour the Internet for help about PayPal when I had to change my bank details and transfer money to my new bank account. It wasn’t complicated but I had to double-check if I was doing the right thing in order to make sure that my hard-earned money wouldn’t float out there in the void. In the first place I’ve always used my EON card since 2009 but now I had to try if my BPI Express Card would be a good replacement for EON. First time could spell discomfort and sleepless nights until you actually see the money transferred to your bank from PayPal.

Hence, I see the need for aspiring virtual workers to get a step-by-step guide from fellow online workers if only to ease their discomfort in using PayPal.

Until then, have a great weekend!

Rediscovering my country Philippines, one blog post at a time

The Philippines is rich, if you ask me. Our riches lie in our natural resources, our people, our culture. Cliche, but you’ve heard for sure that not all that glitters is gold.

There’s a treasure trove of wonders in this archipelago of  7,107 islands (number varies during high tide season) —from beautiful places to visit around the country, interesting eats, cultural heritage, to inspiring stories of ordinary Pinoys and Pinays — and I will share them with you, one blog post at a time.

Tayo nang maglakbay! (Let’s take a trip!)