I’m a Davaoeña who loves exploring my beautiful country, Pilipinas.  And because I work online where I manage Virtual Assistants, I get the liberty to mix business and leisure whenever I want to. Being an online entrepreneur gives me the flexibility to work virtually anywhere as I move around — in airports, at the beach, in hotels, in my favorite coffee shops and restaurants, at the malls.

I have this insatiable thirst for trying out new things and learning new skills. I can easily mingle with new people in new places.

One survival tip I wanna share especially when travelling alone in a new place is to make friends with the local drivers.  In this country, drivers sometimes get a bad rap for ripping off tourists. However, from personal experience, good drivers outnumber the bad many times over. And they can be your best bet in maximizing your travel experience if you know how to get them on your side — befriend them, genuinely show them respect and they will make sure to take good care of you whether you’re a foreign or local tourist. I still believe in the good side of people. Works for me all the time! 🙂

Tara na, laag ta! (Let’s go and explore!)



This is a personal blog containing personal opinions carved out of my personal experiences, learning, and what-not.  While utmost caution has been taken to provide my kind readers with the most accurate information and honest review, please use your own volition before taking any decisions based on this blog’s information. Thorough research using other sources would be advisable. If you ever happen to suffer a loss or inconvenience or damage whatsoever due to the information you got from this blog, this author will not be held liable to compensate you.

My intention is to share my personal knowledge and experiences that my readers may find useful. Other times, I write just to raise my nagging feelings and thoughts out into the void. If you happen to find something in this blog that’s valuable to you, that would be wonderful.

All contents of this blog are mine, unless explicitly said otherwise, such as press releases or guest posts. Sometimes I feature sponsored posts, links, and advertisements on this blog with my honest-to-goodness points of view.

Generally, this blog is a reflection of how I see the world through the looking glass.

For writing projects, link building, and what-have-yous, contact me at shelly@aroundpilipinas.com.


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  1. please help me I don’t know how to pay my plane ticket using my BPI express Teller debit account

    • If you see an option to pay your plane ticket through PayPal, click it. Make sure you have funds on your attached bank account. I buy plane tickets online but I haven’t seen any PayPal option on Cebu Pacific and Air Asia websites so I choose either credit card or through other available Bayad Centers showing on their websites upon checkout. Hope this helps.

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  3. Hello:) What did you use upon entering your account number, was it the 16-digits found on the front of your ATM card, or the on the one found at the back? I’m just a bit confused because PayPal is asking me of the 16 digits, while this article is telling us to use the the 10 digits. Thanks!

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