This Monday, May 9, let’s go out and vote. The political game is getting dirtier and the only way we could help this country is by getting ourselves well-informed about the candidates — who are real public servants, who are paid attack dogs, who have the heart to listen to our plights, who are only good at branding, who are the most competent and trustworthy leaders based on track record instead of promises?

Just a few days before the elections and Mayor Rodrigo Duterte’s opponents are spewing nastier smear campaigns against him…and it’s a pain to watch especially if you know they’re all baseless accusations.  Amid all the cheating rumors hounding this election, I still want to believe that change is coming.

Yes, change starts within us BUT reforms in government start with our leaders.

Kahit gaano ka pa kabait as an ordinary citizen, may magagawa ka ba if people in power continue to turn a blind eye on you, rob you, abuse you, leave you with nothing but graft and corruption that’s embedded in our system?

Our economy looks good on paper pero ramdam kaya ito ng mga gutom nating farmers na pinagbabaril sa Kidapawan at ikinulong pa pagkatapos? Ramdam kaya ito ng ating mga kababayang walang makitang permanenteng trabaho dahil sa job-skills mismatch na di gaanong natututukan? Ramdam kaya ito ng ating mga kababayan na nangangailangan ng basic social services especially in far-flung areas but our government chose to underspend para may savings? Ramdam kaya ito ng ating mga kababayang walang tahanan sa sariling bayan? Ng mga hina-harass at displaced na mga katutubo sa Mindanao dahil sa mining at iba pa?

“For what good will progress be if its benefits do not trickle down to the poorest of the poor? Let us bear in mind that the test of good government is not whether we can add more to the abundance of those who have much, but whether we can provide for those who have so little.” – ‪#‎Duterte‬

Sorry but whenever I see those goody-two-shoes branding of some candidates, it’s as if I’m watching the “Emperor With No Clothes.” Some media networks and personalities can twist facts to ruin #Duterte and make his opponents look spotlessly clean and decent, an epitome of an ideal presidentiable…but they can’t force me to say the emperor’s clothes are awesome, when he’s not even wearing one.‪#‎DuterteSOLID‬ ‪#‎ChangeIsComing‬

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6 thoughts on “Change is coming this PH Halalan 2016

  1. I agree with this “change starts within us BUT reforms in government start with our leaders”. I do hope that we will have a clean and honest election.

  2. I really wanted to vote Duterte, but the sad thing happened today wala ang name ko sa master list sa precinct 🙁 naiinis ako kasi yong mga di nakapag bio-metric nandon ang names at yong mga patay na pero yong name namin wala 🙁

  3. It’s been an interesting election period. I hope everything will be good in the end. Thy will be done.

  4. So many bad things thrown at Mayor Duterte but look at the election results now. Ang layo ng agwat niya from the other candidates. This just showed that people want change and reform. But change must come from each one of us first. I am praying for the best for our country and for my son’s future.

  5. I agree with you, people are hungry for change, a strong leader and a leader that get the job done. Hoping the best for our country, Thanks for great post Sis

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