Why I’m voting for Duterte

Carol Yao

I have long wanted to write about this but I always ended up deciding against it.  I’m not a political analyst nor am I a prolific writer, but after seeing all sorts of black propaganda being hurled against Mayor Duterte from all corners imaginable after he surged to the top of the surveys, I feel it is my moral obligation as an ordinary Filipino to take part in this electoral process the way I see it from the grassroots level where I’m at. It is from this vantage point that I carefully shaped my decision on who to vote for President and why. And I refuse to helplessly watch from the sidelines any longer.

I was born and raised in Davao City. I lived most of my life there for over 35 years (I now live in Marikina). I have personally seen, heard, and experienced Mayor Duterte’s leadership.  I am one of the many living witnesses to his good governance.

Is he perfect? No. Nobody is.

Is Davao City perfect? No. No city in any part of the globe is.

Is he a dictator? Certainly not. A dictator is a ruler who wields absolute authority while Mayor Duterte has always worked hard for the people of Davao to enjoy their freedom — freedom to live, work, express themselves, have fun, and do business in a peaceful environment. Dabawenyos enjoy democracy just as anyone else in other parts of the country. Perhaps the only difference is that Davao City is strict with the implementation of laws and city ordinances. After all, what good are those laws and ordinances if we don’t follow them? Feel free to visit Davao City and see if you’d feel like your basic human rights are curtailed as if you’re under Martial Law. Not even close.

Does he kill innocent people on mere suspicion that they are criminals? Funny but that’s what his detractors are insinuating even in their political ads. If one political ad is to be believed, Mayor Digong’s brand of justice is the type that tortures and kills even kids suspected as criminals. That’s preposterous. But if only for a point of discussion, if that indeed is true, you think the people of Davao would feel safe walking around the streets if they believe that Mayor Digong would, at any given time, shoot them or their friends and family members for being suspected as criminals? You think the people of Davao would love and trust Mayor Digong this much if he’s anywhere close to being trigger happy? If there’s a shred of truth to a culture of impunity under Mayor Digong’s leadership, we should have feared him instead of respected him.

Mayor Digong, being a lawyer himself, has reiterated many times over that he is for imposing the law. If a criminal puts innocent lives in danger, he will bear the consequences of his actions. And what’s the problem with that? Would you rather put innocent lives in danger just to protect the human rights of criminals? If you haven’t heard it yet, Mayor Digong’s mantra is “Follow the law.” If that scares you, that’s beyond my comprehension.

His political opponents are sowing fear through distorted information. I’d rather go by first-hand experiences than hearsays that are meant to fool and scare people just to earn votes for themselves.

Does he shoot people in the streets for failing to follow curfew? You must have seen Mystica’s viral video which shows her spewing this scenario as if she has seen it happen under Duterte’s leadership and so will continue to happen if he wins the Presidency. I don’t know how she got that impression, it’s crazy to the point of ridiculous. Chill! Mayor Digong won’t “bratatat” you dead in the middle of the street for failing to follow curfew. Mystica dear, get back down to earth, for goodness’ sake.

So why am I voting for Duterte? Let me count the reasons:

1. He is the only Presidentiable that commands respect from all sides — the government, MILF, MNLF, NPA, ordinary citizens. He is respected by Muslims and Christians. He unites, not divides. He understands the plight of our Muslim brothers and sisters in Mindanao. I believe he’s the only one who can start the much-needed lasting peace in the war-torn areas of Mindanao.

2. He has the heart, the political will, and the competency to lead and serve the country. His track record is the glaring proof.

3. His passion for public service defies anything politics. His turf is Davao City but he is always quick to help other cities in need without brandishing his name to claim credit. He operates even under the media radar, which is the exact opposite of what a lot of politicians do. That to me is REAL public service.

4. He is a man of action. Again, his track record is proof. Aren’t we all tired of self-aggrandizing speeches? Of finger-pointing? Of leaders giving us excuses rather than solutions and results? I am.

5. He acts like a father to his constituents. Unlike other politicians, Duterte doesn’t act like a king who expects to be served. He serves. He is a simple man who has a soft spot for children and senior citizens.

6. His leadership is contagious. He has his way of affecting positivity in people. This is the only national election I’ve seen so far where I witness people going out of their ways to support a Presidential candidate, even printing their own marketing materials from banners to t-shirts, ballers, car stickers and anything they can think of. He brings out the spirit of volunteerism and discipline in us like no other Filipino politician has or can. That’s the mark of a true leader.

I could go on and on but I’d rather feature some of my friends from different parts of the globe about their take on the good Mayor. Here’s why Mayor Duterte is their choice for President:

Rob Rances

“I’m voting for Duterte coz he’s the only one who proposes to solve the problem. The other candidates are all part of the problem.” – Rob Rances, Business Coach / Social Entrepreneur

Bobet Alip

“He is not perfect and he was the first to admit it. But I know he can and will get things done. His heart and mind is in the right place.” – Bobet Alip, Agripreneur

Anonymous DJ

“Borrowing from General Patton, ‘As It Was Written So It Shall Be Done!’ His political will… That’s why.” – A Club DJ and Radio Presenter from a giant TV/media network (name withheld upon request)

Mel and Boyet

“We need him as a leader because he is not beholden to any oligarchs. We want our daughter to experience affluence that most of us never had for decades.” – Melanie Confesor and Pelagio Nalla III, Customer Service Associates

Brandy Allen Fuentes

“Aside from the fact that I am one of the many who enjoy the fruit of his hardwork, I’ll vote for him because he gets things done… specially if it benefits the many.” – Brandy Allen Fuentes, freelance host

Carol Yao

“Du30 because we not only need a man of integrity, we also need strong leadership.” – Carol Yao, true-blooded Bisdak

Restie Concepcion

“I’m voting for Duterte because I believe he will be strong for us dealing with China bullying us. 2nd, what we need right now is an action man, not a planner anymore. Would you give a cough medicine to someone ailing with LBM or upset stomach…that’s the analogy.” – Restie R. Concepcion, Marketing Director/licensed CPM (Certified Professional Marketer)

Jerome Faune

“After Flor Contemplacion and the burning of the Singapore flag it was then that I wished he were the president of the Philippines. Integrity, political will, courage, humility, love for country and his leadership is unprecedented.” – Jerome Faune, OFW


Dr. Roni Mines

“I am voting for Duterte because he has the kind of political will and leadership that this country needs. In my many years of living in Davao City, with about two decades of having him as our mayor, I feel safe and protected with his leadership. He really cares for his constituents and he is consistent! I like his crusade against impunity and I believe he will help us realize a better Philippines and turn the fortune of the country around. Having been plagued by corruption, drugs and crime for so long, this country needs someone like Duterte to make the needed changes.” – Dr. Roni Mines, Educator

Mayor Digong talks tough but he has a big heart to serve the people.  For me, he is the best chance we have to move this country forward. No other political candidate has ever moved me to be this vigilant and nationalistic.  And to think that Mayor Rodrigo Duterte doesn’t even know I exist.  I’m sure there are millions of other Filipinos like me who tirelessly campaign for the Mayor in their own little ways without any political affiliations and self-serving expectations.

How about you, why are you voting for Duterte?


20 Comments on "Why I’m voting for Duterte"

  1. I agree with you, he is tough but have a heart who is willing to fight for his countrymen. I’m excited about the debate this weekend, for sure titirahin na siya ng mga kalaban niya. :)

    • NOEME O. CUIZON | April 18, 2016 at 2:12 pm | Reply

      I am voting for Duterte because I always believed in him. Since he became our Mayor here in Davao City, I have never felt safer for myself and for my growing up sons. I admire his honesty even if he is brutally frank. Who cares about grace and manner and kasosyalan if it is only for the show. Never mind his “PI”. Bakit siya lang ba ang nagmumura? Hello bumabaha po ng mga ipokrito at ipokrita ang bansang ito kung ito lang ang ibabato nila na kasamaan ni Digong namin. Mas masarap ang boodle fight na kainan kasama si “Digong” kesa fine dining na ang mga kasama mo ay puros GAHAMAN, MAPAGKUNWARI AT NAGMAMARUNONG LANG. Kaya DUTERTE-CAYETANO kami.

  2. Everyone in the family is for Duterte but I am still weighing the options.

  3. Mommy, bakit hindi walang opinion si daddy dito?

  4. My husband is voting for Duterte but I am for a different candidate. :)

  5. I am voting for Duterte and Cayetano because just by looking at Davao (kay Duterte) and Bonifacio Global City (@Taguig-Cayetano’s area) they both are qualified to lead our country.
    So DuCay ako.

  6. It’s nice to read opinions about the different candidates and why people are voting for them. Thanks for sharing your opinion.

  7. For me, he is the last hope for this nation to rise again. I am rooting for him as well. We need a man of steel like him and hopefully he can restore peace, order and discipline in the our country.

  8. I need this because I have so many hateful anti-du30 on my newsfeed right now because of that rape joke thingy. I don’t want to even talk about it anymore. Whatever they say, I am Duterte all the way! ♥

  9. I will vote for Duterte also because I think he can really help our country. Sa Davao nga nagawa niya most likely magagawa nya din dto, What Filipinos need is discipline and may kinakatakutan

  10. I am voting for duterte too. Whatever the black propaganda they will plot to ruin Duterte, It wont change my mind, I will still vote for him. I want to lessen crime here in the Philippines, pag nanakawan na ka na twice like me, you dont want that happen to others or even to yourself again. Kaya I want him to win!!!! #PhVoteDuterte

  11. I am voting for Duterte. Thank you for sharing your opinion.

  12. I support Duterte! He was a hard-line policy of sustainable development to help Philippines.

  13. Agree with all of them! Duterte for president!

    • Three crimes in my family involving my daughters is enough. I too am voting for Duterte.

      • That’s a horrible thing to happen in your family, Francis. I’m so sorry to hear that. I hope justice has been served in your case. :(

  14. I like Duterte, he is brave and yea, i hope good things comes soon.

  15. You vote how you will. I won’t contend or vilify your choice. We’re a democracy and I am voting for Duterte. Both my head and my heart are in perfect harmony.

  16. Hope he help the country to overcome the economy, society and more issues that are roaming around. I like him

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