With all the restaurants mushrooming everywhere in the Philippines and fighting for a decent market share, one must not only offer good food and service to compete and thrive but also provide a fresh concept in terms of theme and ambience. All these contribute to a memorable, fun, and satisfying dining experience that keep attracting new customers day after day and keep luring old patrons to come back, with new customers in tow. Of all themes imaginable, who would’ve thought someone would choose JAIL for a restaurant concept? Caffe Piansa is exactly that, and it is one of the most pleasantly surprising restaurant I’ve been to by far.

From the outside, it didn’t look captivating to me although I got a little intrigued by its tagline “The first jail-themed restaurant in town!” Piansa means bail, which already gives you an idea about their branding. Still, the moment I stepped inside, I exclaimed in amazement like a child who just got an all-ride access to a theme park. Clearly I underestimated their concept until I got in for a “detention.”

caffe piansa10

Caffe Piansa’s interiors are a replica of prison cells, a courtroom (with a magistrate in complete outfit), and a police station fused into one fun dining place. All the restaurant personnel were in character, except that they could be the coolest prisoners and magistrate you’ll ever meet. If I were an outlaw to be detained here, I’d rather enjoy languishing in my cell than post bail.

caffe piansa6

caffe piansa2caffe piansa7

You can take a mugshot upon entering and invent a funny case against yourself (It would make a wacky profile picture of you on social media).

caffe piansa1

Happy campers, err, prisoners at Caffe Piansa — The only “prison” in the world where you’d be happy to be incarcerated.

caffe piansa9

If you think the fun part is over, wait until you see their menu.

caffe piansa, marikina

caffe piansa, marikina

PASTA ALA PIANSA. And their food certainly didn’t disappoint.

caffe piansa11

What better way to serve the sentence after the hearty last meal, lol!

caffe piansa9

caffe piansa8

Clearly the restaurant game in the country has changed with the influx of concept restaurants and diners like Caffe Piansa. The playing field has gone beyond the taste, variety, and price points of food, but the total dining experience.

With food, service, and ambience this awesome, I wouldn’t mind being incarcerated at all. In fact, I’d pay my way to detention.

Caffe Piansa – 57 Dragon Street, Midtown Subdivision, San Roque, Marikina City

Their FB Page:




32 thoughts on “When in Marikina: Dine like it’s your last meal at Caffe Piansa, the first jailed-themed resto in the PH

  1. I’ve seen this featured on TV. Di ko lang matandaan kung aling program. I’ll invite my friends to go there para mas masaya. May function room ba sila?

    • Hi Alex. I was told that they have a function room upstairs (though I didn’t check to verify). Try sending them a message on their fb page, I’m sure they’ll be happy to respond to your query.

      And yeah, tagging your friends along sounds like fun! 🙂

    • Thanks. Marikina has a lot of hidden gems when it comes to dining places. I intend to blog about some of them in the coming weeks.

  2. Last night I was watching Rated K and it features different restaurant with themes like hospital and chemistry laboratory. Caffe Pianza is another great themed place.

    • Interesting! I’ve been to a cafe that looks like a chemistry laboratory (even their menu board looks like the Table of Elements, I was having a hard time reading it haha!). I haven’t heard about a hospital concept just yet. Thanks for sharing, I’ll look that up. 🙂

  3. This will be a good dining experience because of the unique ambiance and the food names pa. I saw an hospital and laboratory themed resto naman the other night at Rated K.

  4. Such a nice place when you are with your friends. The menu is so cool and I was wowed with the theme. Resto nowadays talagang nag evolve na rin to capture the taste of the customers.

    • So true. Sometimes hindi lang yung food ang pinupuntahan ng tao eh, but the entire dining experience. That’s why concept restos provide a breath of fresh of air. 🙂

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