The new era of radio breaks geographical barriers with JaygerFM

jaygergm jocks

Online or Internet Radio has become a great platform for music lovers to listen to their favorite music genres beyond the limited mileage offered by traditional radio. Unlike traditional radio, online radio has a global reach and therefore can be accessed and heard anywhere in the world where there’s Internet connection. Friends, lovers, and families separated by geographical divides can listen to the same music stream at the same time sans timezone differences. One online radio that I listen to is JaygerFM which plays a smorgasbord of Top 40 and contemporary songs throughout the weekdays and a plethora of old and new songs during the weekends.

JaygerFM was founded by a young man named Claro just February 28 of this year. What started out as an idea spawned into a real deal, with JaygerFM attracting more listeners day after day. Their FB page started generating thousands of likes organically.

jaygerfm jocks

DJ Claro and DJ Gabz (Photo from jaygerfm’s fb page)

jaygergm jocks

Deejays jamming on Jayger Jamz.

“I did not expect our Facebook page and listenership to grow into what it is today. I guess it was serendipitous but nevertheless I am thankful,” said DJ Claro. Most of JaygerFM’s listeners come from the Philippines, the US, Australia, Brazil, and the UAE.

What prompted DJ Claro to set up JaygerFM? “Actually it was an arbitrary decision,” he mused. ” I just wanted to try it out and see what it was like to own your own Internet station,” DJ Claro added.

JaygerFM does live broadcasts every Friday, 5pm Manila time, on Jayger Jamz  where the young and opinionated DJs Clarissa, Gabz, Jairo, Lejana, Leo, Martin, Nikki, and DJ Claro himself engage in wacky conversations that make their listeners glued to their headsets and speakers. Jayger Jamz, which DJ Claro said was a brainchild of his dad, gets replayed every Sunday.

I’m privileged to be part of JaygerFM as their weekend newscaster.  My newscasts are heard within Jayger Jamz’s timeslot. I started last June, a month after Jayger Jamz’ inception.  Though my stint has been sporadic due to my hectic schedules, doing newscasts for JaygerFM has always been a stress-buster for me. Like I’ve mentioned in my previous post My “secret” life as a voiceover talent, audio production is my secret love.

Me, doing what I love — voice recording.

Come to think of it, the global reach of online radio makes it a good avenue for international companies to market their products and services worldwide at a minimal cost.

Listen to JaygerFM by clicking on this link: and get updated with the latest hits in music, fun conversations, interesting news bits, and a bit of the top tracks from the past.

Heads up, the guys are cooking up a fun radio show for tomorrow on Christmas Day!


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  1. You’re Shelly? I’ve heard your newscast on JaygerFM one time, lol. Small world.

  2. Aabangan kita sa Jayger Jamz sis hahahaha

  3. I better check it out and discover the fun. Happy New Year Shelly! :-)

  4. Wow! Sounds exciting. I always wanted to become a jock… I have no experience or whatsover tho but that sounds so fun!! :) Hmmm. Did you audition to become their newscaster?

    • Hi Melissa, I sent them a voice clip before they took me in. I’ve had 7 years of experience in FM radio as a DJ many years ago during my younger days haha! I feel so old.

  5. I only listen to the radio when we are on the road trip. Ganda siguro ng voice mo. :)

  6. I am not a radio person, but I appreciate the radio companionship whenever I ride the car. Congrats on your new gig – stress-buster and Happy New Year!

  7. I’m glad they are doing great, I was afraid that the radio industry wasn’t doing well anymore.

    That’s a really awesome experience! I always wanted to be a DJ when I was little.

  8. I will surely check it out Sis, I’m sure your voice is amazing. Mahilig ako makinig ng radyo back in Pinas but now that I’m here in the US na I always have Pandora on lalo na if naglilinis ako.

  9. That’s really interesting.. new radio channel and with such a dynamic mix.

  10. I bookmarked na the website. Di ako masyado aware sa Internet radios, so thank you for sharing. Good luck sa passion mo sis for voice-over. :) That’s a great talent.

  11. Wow, I can only imagine how sweet your voice is. I haven’t tuned in to JaygerFM before. Not a radio person but sure love to hear you on air. 😀

  12. Wow, I will check this out. I would love to hear your voice. Good luck and Happy New Year!

  13. I haven’t tuned to this station before but will definitely check it out just to hear you on air. Happy New Year!

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