22 thoughts on “Transfering funds from your PayPal to your bank account

    • Hi Ceemee, I have only tried Eon (Unionbank) and BPI so I’m not knowledgeable about the other banks. Though I know you can also link other cards like BDO, Metrobank, Landbank, etc to your PayPal, I’m not sure about their transaction charges. I am for convenience and so far, I’m happy with BPI. Never had a problem with it. It’s more convenient for me than Unionbank because there are more BPI branches and ATM’s around the country. I’m happy with their customer service too. 🙂

  1. Try to transfer your paypal funds to your BPI account before 8am. It will reach your BPI account late in the afternoon the next day. It works 90% of the time 🙂

    BPI will charge you 150 pesos per transaction while EON will charge you nothing but it has a 200 or 300 pesos yearly fee.

    • Oh, great information! Thanks for sharing, pxmichael. I’ll try withdrawing before 8am next time and see the difference. And yes, glad to be reminded about the fees, I knew that EON was the best option many yrs ago that’s why I got EON then but that account has become dormant when I stopped blogging so I’m using my BPI now which is very convenient for me. I withdraw in bulk and not too often to minimize withdrawal fees. (clarification for other readers: PayPal doesn’t charge when you withdraw P7,000 and up but your bank like BPI may charge a minimal fee per transaction)

  2. Hello,

    Is the middle initial required for linking Paypal in my bank account? I recently changed my name in Paypal and added my middle initial since you said to your other article “Important: The name on your bank account must match the name on your PayPal account. Otherwise, it might be rejected and there would be a return fee of P250.”

    • Hi Min, middle initial is not a big deal. It’s your first and last name that’s important to match with that in your card. Sorry for the late reply, I just saw this. Hope all is well with you.

  3. Hi,

    Question lang. Na-link ko na yung BPI Express Teller Account ko sa paypal pero after nun nagshoshow up na “checking” yung account ko. That should be savings. There’s no option for me to change it from Checking to Savings. Is that normal?

  4. I really frustrated now.
    I’ve tried to transfer from paypal to bdo.

    I’ve linked my bdo account, I was given the bank code. But after a few days it was reversed and charged me 250.

    I’ve tried to process it one more time and hit continue, and decided to cancel, but cant seem to cancel an ongoing request.

    I’ve followed their online help article, still no help at all.

    I just would like to know does the bank code particular to bank branch, or is it 1 bank code for a specific bank all across its branch.

    And does anyone knows how to cancel an ongoing transaction? It says processing timeframe is 2 to 4 bds.


  5. Hi! Does my paypal account needs to be verified first before I can transfer funds to my bpi express teller card? I tried to verify but it asks for an expiration date which is not found in my card. please help.

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