I initially thought that only Unionbank and BDO could be linked to PayPal. I was wrong. BPI Express Teller also does the job.

I set up my PayPal account back in 2009 and had it verified by opening an EON account at Unionbank (took me several business days to complete all that). I’ve always used EON to withdraw funds from my PayPal. When I stopped blogging due to busy schedules, I also closed my EON account but it remained tied up to my PayPal account.

Lately I started working online again and since my EON card is not active anymore, I had to update my bank information on PayPal by adding an active bank account. Though PayPal is a user-friendly platform, I had doubts if my BPI Express Teller account would actually work with PayPal.

Turns out, BPI Express Teller indeed works well with PayPal!

For the benefit of those who are yet to go on the same route, here’s your guide in adding your BPI Express Teller account to your PayPal.

1. Log in to your PayPal account.

2. Go to “Profile” and from the dropdown menu, select “Add/Edit Bank Account.”

3. Click “Add” and fill in all the fields carefully. (Important: The name on your bank account must match the name on your PayPal account. Otherwise, it might be rejected and there would be a return fee of P250.)

  • Bank Name: Bank of the Philippine Islands
  • Bank Code (9 digits): 010040018
  • Account Number: (Found at the back of your BPI Express Teller card)
  • Re-enter Account Number:

4. Click Continue and you’re done!

If you have a dormant account linked to your PayPal, you better delete it before you mistakenly transfer money there instead of your active bank account. It happened to me when I carelessly transferred $400 to my dormant EON account instead of my active BPI account. Fortunately, the money bounced back to my PayPal after more than week. P250 was charged for the bounced transaction but it was way better than losing $400.

For a step-by-step guide on how to transfer money from PayPal to your bank account, check out my other post here: Withdrawing funds from your PayPal to your bank account.

I hope this helps. Happy blogging and earning online!

 Update: actual photos from my PayPal account

Here’s what it looks like when you link your BPI Express Teller account to your PayPal.

BPI PayPalBPI PayPal2

124 thoughts on “Adding your BPI Express Teller account to your PayPal

  1. Very helpful. No need to go to the bank. When I tried enrolling Dragon pay on my BPI before, I experienced a lot of hassle. Thanks for this.

  2. Question, is the BPI Express Teller same as BPI Savings account. Or do you mean BPI Express Teller that’s written on the card. I will do this now. Thanks 🙂

  3. That’s really nice to know. I have always linked a credit card to Paypal. Although a bank account would be so much easier.

  4. It is good to have many options to add bank accounts and withdraw your PayPal money. Although, I think it’s only eon that doesn’t deduct extra fees from your withdrawn amount. BPI deducts P50, right?

    • BPI deducts P150 per transfer. It is PayPal that deducts P50 for transactions below P7,000. That is why as much as possible I transfer in bulk like $500-$700 para isang bank charge lang in a month kasi sayang din ang P150 per transaction. If you transfer funds 2x a month, aabot din sa P3,600 yung total charges mo in 1 yr.

  5. This is good to know. I have been using UnionBank EON for many years now and so far I have not had any problems with it. I am glad BPI can offer the same service for Paypal transactions.

    • Hi Maye, I’m using BPI Express Teller, it’s my savings account. You may also get Unionbank’s EON kasi annual fees lang unlike BPI na everytime you withdraw, there’s a minimum charge. You may also use BDO but I’m not privy to the charges. Hope that helps. 🙂

    • Hello:) What did you use upon entering your account number, was it the 16-digits found on the front of your ATM card or the on the one found at the back? I’m just a bit confused because PayPal is asking me of the 16 digits, while this article is telling us to use the the 10 digits. Thanks!

  6. I just want to ask how much will it charge if you are going to withdraw your paypal to BPI. For BDO kasi, as per the teller, parang remittance daw ang treatment if you transfer your paypal to your BDO account. Around 200-300 ang charge unlike EON 50 lang kapag below 7K.

    • Hi Allan. BPI charges P150 everytime you withdraw from your PayPal to your BPI account unlike with EON na annual fees lang and not per withdrawal. Yung P50 charge na sinabi mo, PayPal charge yun pag below P7,000 ang withdrawal mo (kahit ano pa ang bank mo).
      What I do is that I don’t withdraw too often and in small amounts. Para di aksaya sa fees, 1-2 withdrawals a month lang ako and i never go below P7,000 per withdrawal kasi dagdag fee na naman na P50 (that would add up to P200 na per withdrawal in my case kung ganun). I monitor PayPal’s exchange rate too, pag nakita kong P45 to a dollar, that’s the time i withdraw nang malaki.

  7. As of now I’m using RCBC wallet and I’m having a hard time withdrawing my funds. Will definitely try BPI probably next month.

  8. hi shelly

    As i know there are 2 bpi bank types one is BPI family and the other one is bank of philippine island right? is this the same because my account is family, i saw your blog post showing the full name of the bank so my really concern is the bank name that i will use ? because this is my first time so i want make sure it will work with family any info will great appreciate thanks.

    • Hi Hans, mine is Bank of the Philippine Islands, not BPI Family Bank. I’m not sure if BPI Family would work with PayPal. If so, I’m afraid BPI Family would have a different bank code.

  9. Hi! I added my BPI account to my PayPal. It’s a Savings account, but according to PayPal, it’s a checking account. Is this normal? Thanks! BTW, this article is really helpful.

    • Hi Tony, yes, PayPal also tagged mine as checking despite that my BPI account is in fact a savings account. Nevertheless, I never encountered any problem at all using it. Hope this helps. 🙂

  10. Hi! I tried doing this but after I was done, the account was categorized as checking instead of savings. Is that alright? Thank you! Hope you can help me 🙂

    • Hi Aileen, that should be alright. Happened to me too and I never had any problem with it. Have you started using it? 🙂

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  12. Hi. Thank you for this information. I successfully linked my BPI express teller card to my paypal account. But there is something bothering me, when I open my paypal account and go to my linked account, the type of card written there is “Checking” which is not correct. My card type is “Savings”. How can I fix it? Thank you. Hope you’ll reply. thanks

    • Hi Maureen! Glad you were able to link it successfully. Don’t worry about the checking. Same thing happened to mine but I never encountered any problem at all since I hooked it on PayPal. I always get to withdraw from it with no issues. 🙂

  13. I can’t seem to get mine to link 🙁 It keeps saying ‘Please check your information and try again.’. I have tried both savings and checking

    • That’s weird. Are you sure you got the code correct? Is that a BPI Express Teller card from the Bank of the Phil Islands? (Not BPI Family Bank)

  14. Hi Sir, naglink ako ng BPI Express Teller account sa Paypal, pero parang wala pa rin ngyayari apart from added sya as a Checking account. Do i have to wait for 2-3 days bago mavalidate ung bpi account ko? how do i know when can i use it? thank you sir

    • bakit when i attached my bpi atm card savings acc to paypal it reflects as a checking acc sa paypal, should i be concern about it? or ok lng bah makaka transfer and kuha ka parin ng money?

  15. Hi! My father will transfer money to my bpi account(bpi express teller) using paypal for the first time. My question is, what is the exact routing number of bpi you used? Thanks

    • If my understanding to your question is correct, you’re saying your father has a PayPal account and he wants to transfer funds to your BPI Express Teller account. Presuming you have successfully linked your BPI to your PayPal account and verified status ka na sa PayPal, there shouldn’t be any problem. He only needs to send it to your PayPal email, no routing number needed.

  16. hi, i would just like to ask, how can i transfer funds from my BPI to paypal? I called the BPI customer service and she says there’s no such thing! 🙁

  17. hi, i would just like to ask, how can i transfer funds from my BPI to paypal? I called the BPI customer service and she says there’s no such thing! i dont believe her… hehe… do you mind to teach me how? thank you!

  18. tanong ko lang po, kailangan po ba complete name para malink ung BPI sa paypal ko? first name, middle name at surname? thank you po

  19. Question ko lang. Where to find my PaypaL account Name? Kasi sabi don “must match” eh nalilito na ako ito ba yong login name mo? Saan ko ba makikita ang paypal acount name ko? Please advise kasi rejected yung first transfer ko kasi di daw nag match ang name

  20. Hi is it working well even though you don’t add the card? Just add a bank account right? Since there is also an option to add a card.

  21. Hi! I’ve linked my BPI to paypal. Gaya po ng iba, “Checking account” po nakalagay. Pano ko malalaman kung OK na sya gamitin?

    Nice blog. Thank you

  22. Hi! Does your BPI Express Teller Account have a BPI Express Teller International card? (the color blue). If yes, does it have the MasterCard logo on it? Or just the Cirrus logo?

  23. If I order something online and I don’t have balance on my paypal, will paypal automatically get fund from my BPI bank account? (I don’t have any credit card linked, btw).

    And if they do, will there be any additional charges?

    • Yes, there will be a prompt that would say where PayPal is getting the funds from. In that case, since you only have your BPI card linked to your PayPal, then it will show that the funds will come from there. As to additional charges, I’m not so sure.

      • Hi…what is this expiration date amd csc/cvc in PayPal during adding BPI DEBIT CARD (ESP)??please help me i dont seem to find where s this exp.date and csc/cvx

        • Hi Christian! I haven’t used BPI’s Debit Card (It’s different from its ATM card.) Here’s BPI’s official link to frequently asked questions about BPI Debit Card. Hope this helps. 😀

  24. Hi,

    Nung gumagamit po kayo dati ng EON bank account, does it says “checking” instead of savings?
    and after po ba na ma add yung bank account ready for transaction na sya?

  25. Hello,

    I was trying to add my bpi account to my paypal pero hindi po xa nag go through. Ito po ang sabi..”You entered an invalid Institution number and bank transit number for a bank account in Canada. Please check and try again. If you continue to have this problem, please call Customer Support”. paypal account ko po is dito sa US. I would appreciate your help.

  26. Hi. How did you verify your Paypal acct in order to lift the withdrawal limit? I too have a BPI Express Teller ATM Card but in Paypal its asking if its a Mastercard, Visa or AmEx. Im wondering which one I choose to verify my Paypal acct?

    • Hi, Jhoana. Apologies for the late reply. I started with EON (by Unionbank) when i was new with PayPal. It was all i needed to have my PayPal verified and my limits lifted. Years later, i added my BPI Express Teller account to replace my EON.

  27. Hi nag enroll ako paypal and i link my bpi family savings bank when im done checking lang lumalabas and i cant do some transaction like withdrawing or sending fund what im gonna do this in situation please help me thanks

  28. Thank you for this info! Therefore, you can easily withdraw funds from paypal using BPi Express Teller as long as your paypal account is already verified (using other means)?

  29. Hi!

    I want to connect my BPI bank account to my paypal and withdraw funds however in my paypal account I only have my first name and last name and in my bank account I have a second name. (Example: Stephanie Lauren Santos in BPI but Stephanie Santos in PayPal). Pwede ba yun kasi diba name should match the bank account daw when you link :/

    • I also have this same issue that’s why I still haven’t tried linking my BPI account to my Paypal. I’m just wondering, have you been able to link the two accounts despite the name difference?

  30. Hello, in 2015 I had a paypal account which undergo limitation. ( Confidential to discuss ) Now they have notified me that I can transfer money to a bank. I try to use this method but it does not work, it always says ” Please check your information and try again ” even though I have inputted the correct numbers.

  31. Hello;) PayPal asks you to input 1-16 digits of your card number upon linking your paypal with your active BPI account number. But in this article you said to enter only the 10 digits. I’d like to know what is really the correct one because all my 4 money transfers from PayPal to my BPI account were all unsuccessful. Thanks!

  32. Hello maam Shelly!My concern is about the BPI express teller account number which is only 10 digit.Is it correct? Paypal has (1-16 digits) bank account number requirement?

  33. Good morning just an update=) I commented on one of the comments here last September 30, 2017, and I am yet to get a reply from people. Fortunately, after four failed attempts, a transaction finally got through between my PayPal account and BPI account. I asked PayPal to transfer 15k+ last October 3, 2017 11AM, and it reflected to my bank account on October 5, 2017 around 6pm upon checking. Although, I was charged 150 pesos for that transaction but it’s okay. The problem of the failed attempts was that I used the 16 digits found on the front part of my BPI ATM card instead of the ones found on the back. It’s envitable because once you try linking your bank account with your PayPal account, you will be asked to enter 1-16 digits bank account number, and by that I used the former because it’s composed of 16 digits. So, to avoid further hassles in the future stick with the 10-digit number on the back of your BPI ATM card and you’re good😀

    • Oh I missed this one, I hibernated so I failed to see the comments on time. Good to know you were able to figure it out. The numbers at the front of your BPI card comprise your card number, NOT your account number. Your account number is the one at the back of the card. It’s actually stated in my post above where to find your account number, maybe you missed it.
      Glad you’re all good now.

  34. Hello po mam Shelly. Is it okay to link my BPI Express Teller International sa paypal? If yes how/where will I know the ( digit bank code? Is there any link? May charge? Thanks alot.

  35. Hi. I have my paypal account verified with EON card. Is it okay to add my BPI Express Teller Savings account so I can withdraw funds from paypal or just let EON do the job? Can I have both EON and BPI linked to my PP? Another thing, my paypal wallet has a balance of around 40 pesos, after my paypal account was verified, my wallet balance reduced to 39 pesos. Is that normal or not? Your response would be highly appreciated. Thanks!

    • Hi! You may link both, but actually EON can do the job alone. It has lower fees compared to BPI. I just use BPI because I don’t have my EON anymore and BPI is a convenient alternative due to its numerous ATMs nationwide. As to the P1 PayPal deduction, I’m not sure. It’s been 9 yrs since my PayPal got verified so i already forgot if i was deducted then. Hope that helps. 🙂

  36. But the transfer fee man..the transfer fee…There are instances that I have to transfer more than once a month…200 per transfer is a big deal…

  37. Hi, I have been trying to link my BPI Express Teller with My Paypal account. I have already received a confirmation from Paypal that I have successfully linked the bank. My question is, will I be receiving a confirmation email from BPI of the process, or should I wait until my employer processed a transfer to my Paypal account, or should there be a transaction/withdrawal from BPI by Paypal? I just want to make sure that the process did push through to avoid the hassle.

    • You won’t be getting a notification from BPI once you transfer funds from Paypal to BPI. PayPal will email you that an xxx amount of money will be transferred to your bank account in xxx banking days.

  38. I’m having a hard time 🙁 I’ve been wanting to apply for online jobs where the payment method will be paypal but when verifying method comes, they’re asking to use debit/credit card for the paypal payment method, should I put the account number of my BPI Express Teller card? Please help 🙁

  39. Hi, ate tanong ko lang po kailangan po ba tlga na magkaparehas ung email address sa name mo, kase ung gamet kong email address is sa anak ko.


  40. Hello po. I’m trying to withdraw funds from my paypal to my BPI savings account “Kaya Savings” but it says “Checking” in the account type. And whenever I try to withdraw, it does not do anything, like literally nothing. It’s like it refreshed the website. It doesnt say anything like “error” or anything that changes. I really need help! Please reply and help me.

  41. Hi question lang po, nakapagwithdraw kse ako ng pera from paypal to BPI pero ang nailagay kong account number eh ung number sa harap ng card ko. Magpupush through po kaya un? If hndi, pano po gagawn para mabalik ung pera? Thank you in advance

    • Hi Vincent. Sorry ngayon ko lang nabasa yung comment mo. Clarification: You mean to say yung na-link mo sa PayPal mo is yung card number instead of your account number? Baka hindi sya pumasok. I suggest you send an email to PayPal para maibalik yung pera mo. Nangyari na sa akin before na magtransfer ng money sa maling account (yung dormant ko na EON account) pero naibalik naman after i emailed PayPal.

  42. OMG! This is what I’ve been looking for. It got me almost a month to look for this information. Thank you for the information because now I’m confident that I can use my BPI Express Teller card to withdraw money from paypal. I really appreciate this info. 🙂

  43. Hi Shelly,

    I’m trying to link by BPI Bank Account through my PayPal account pero sinasabi nya “Please check your information and try again.”

    Is the routing number “010040018” still working?

  44. Hello Shelly,
    Does this happen to you before wherein you wrote your card no. Instead of your account no.?

    I’m worried since I transfered money through paypal to my bpi account without realizing that it’s my card no. Thank you for your anwser

    • Sorry to hear that, Shekinah. It hasn’t happened to me but for your peace of mind, perhaps it’s prudent to contact your bank if they could see the transaction.

  45. Hello ma’am, do you know if I can possibly link my Paypal with my BPI Kaya Savings account? If not, what else can I do to link my Paypal with my BPI account?

  46. I have linked my ATM BPI Express Teller International card to my PayPal. It was successful. Like others, it’s Checking and status is confirmed. It’s just Cirrus, not Mastercard. How can I get it verified? Nalilito na ko sa susunod na gagawin para ma-verify siya.:))

  47. I just received my bpi debit card today and I’m gonna used it for homebased work and link it with paypal. What card type is BPI debit card? Mine is just a regular savings card. I don’t have passbook or anything.

  48. hi question lang i tried many times na magsign up sa paypal successful naman but when i link my bank account ((BPI EMV card-Maskercard) it says checking nabasa ko po dito na no issue with that pero ang napansin ko walang logo ng BPI not like nung sa credit card ko may logo ng BPI ganon po ba talaga yon or dapat same may logo ng BPI?

  49. Hi, ask ko lang how many days would it take para macomplete yung trasnfer from Paypal account to bank account? Also, makakareceive din ba ng notification if ever na meron problem sa transfer? This is my first time to transfer funds and medyo worried lang ako. TIA.

  50. Hi. I just have a question regarding the name. Does your middle initial count in the “Name on Account”? and btw I’m using my bpi debit eps

  51. How to Create Paypal Account in the Philippines and Withdraw Funds? This page is from a request from Filipinos who work online and the internet. Paypal is a necessity not only for shopping online and transferring money to anyone around the world.

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